uniNETWORK app beta launched! Share your photos of love & unity on our viral global map!

Greeting my fellow Earthlings!

We have launched our first beta of the uniNETWORK app, so that everyone around the world can upload and pin their photos.  There are 3 basic themes.

1. “i <3 u” poses

2. “u & i are 1” poses

3. “iuGIFTS” or anything else about love and unity

Please have a look and upload your own photos at https://app.uniNETWORK.com! Help us reach every continent, country, city, landmark!

uniNETWORK app beta
uniNETWORK app beta

From Houston, Texas, to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we’ll be in Australia to spread the word in August 2013. If you are at the VIDinc event in Sydney, we might see you there!

– u.n.i.r.1 human race